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Step By Step (SBS) -English


Step By Step Child and Family Center (SBS) is an inclusive early intervention program open to all children between the ages of 12 months and 6 years and their families. At SBS, every child belongs and we celebrate the gifts and respect the challenges which are unique to every child and family.

SBS was founded in Kahnawake in 1983 by 7 mothers with children of special needs and was based on the principles interrelatedness and inclusion, and provided an accepting nurturing environment for all young children and their families. The responsibility of SBS is to support all families in their child’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development based on Kanien'kehá:ka (Mohawk) culture and traditions.

Children and families have varied strengths, assets, talents and interests. Our family–centered assessment and intervention practices place a major emphasis on supporting and strengthening family functioning through the identification of needs and the child and family strengths and capabilities relating to meeting those needs. SBS takes a positive approach to assessment and service delivery rather than one focused on deficit and pathology. We take the time to develop an authentic picture of the child and his/her family and then build on a foundation of strengths.

SBS utilizes a holistic framework that understand human learning and development-both in the child and adult-as being very interconnected with people, their histories and their environments. The child is not separate from their parents and family and the family is not separate from the resources and supports – such as services, family, friends and neighbors - within the community.

Although theory and research in child development serves to guide and inform our practices, our knowledge of the community, its people and culture and the real life relationships we form with the children and families who pass through our doors also contribute profoundly to our understanding of the often unique developmental pathways of children and families.

Parent involvement in a child’s education is a well-established essential for growth and development. SBS wants more. We work towards a genuine collaboration with families by acknowledging and seeking out their expertise about their own children and by engaging them in our curriculum in ways that also highlight their gifts to the community. We know that successful outcomes for individual children, families and for the center as a community service will depend on an authentic collaboration and partnership with families.

SBS is a learning organization and as we continue to study, discuss and reflect, we continue to make shifts in our practices. As has been identified in the literature on early intervention and cultural difference we recognize the need to develop new practices specifically for indigenous people; new screening and assessment tools; new education and intervention strategies; new tools for monitoring child development; and alternative ways of reaching out to parents and children. cultural openness, cultural pride and a positive image of the child and his/her potential.

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